Creating an Addon Domain

By creating an addon domain, you can control multiple domains from a single account. This allows you to host multiple websites at once without affecting the other domains in your account, as the addon domain has it’s own directory.  

Each addon domain will appear in the file structure like a primary domain.  All independent cPanel functionality, email accounts creation and management, QuickInstall installations, redirects, subdomains, etc, will be part of the addon domain.


How Do I Create an Addon Domain?

To create an addon domain you’ll need to follow these instructions after you access your cPanel account.

  1. Head to Home > Domains > Addon Domains


Showing how to navigate to the Addon Domains section in cPanel


  1. Fill out the text box New Domain Name with the addon domains details
  2. The Subdomain and Document Root text boxes will automatically be created by the cPanel application
    a. If you wish to adjust the subdomain you can, this will allow you to create multiple addon domains with that username, but different extensions.  For example, .com and .net.  Create that username in this text box
    b. If you wish to change the name of the Document Root folder change the name with this text box
  3. Check the box “Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain” if you want a FTP client attached
    1. The FTP username will automatically be assigned
  4. Enter your password and confirm your password
  5. Click on the Add Domain button


Showing the Create an Addon Domain form in cPanel


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