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A website has many resource records assigned to it. These are used to identify specific locations within the server for different services. For example, when you log into your mail, you can use the URL The server looks for the DNS record associated with and knows to send you to the Webmail login area. Other records are for use with mail clients, subdomains and your other web hosting services. Using the Zone Editor in cPanel, you can create a variety of different DNS records for your website. This article will cover the basic functionality of the cPanel Zone Editor, and how to create records using it. Please note that you’ll need to be logged into cPanel before proceeding. If you’re not sure how to do this please refer to the following guide: How To Access CPanel


How To Use The CPanel Zone Editor

First, let’s take a look at the main interface for the cPanel Zone editor by selecting the Zone Editor icon under the Domains section.


CPanel Zone Editor Image


The Zone Editor’s interface has 5 distinct options for each domain associated with your account:

1:  A Record – Allows you to quickly add an A record

2:  CNAME Record – Allows you to quickly add a CNAME record

3:  MX Record – Allows you to add an MX record quickly

4:  DNSSEC – Enable or disable DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) for this domain

5:  Manage – An overview of all DNS entries for a domain and allows you to add additional DNS entries


CPanel Zone Editor Image


When clicking on the A Record, CNAME Record or MX Record links, a new box will appear prompting you to enter in the information for the respective record that you have selected. By clicking on the Manage link, you’ll be taken to the Management interface.

While in the Management interface you can view all of the records associated with a domain and  perform the following tasks:

1:  Filter the listing by Name

2:  Filter the listing by record Type

3:  Add Record

4:  Edit record

5:  Delete record


CPanel Zone Editor Manage Area Image


Generally the default records for cPanel will suffice and will not need to be modified, however, you may wish to add custom TXT records or remote mail server entries.


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