File Manager vs FTP

What is cPanel File Manager?

cPanel File Manager is a web interface where your entire site’s information, including, images, documents, 404 pages, are organized into folders.  It is a quick and easy way to manage, navigate and edit your files.

File Manager vs. FTP? Well… Nearly anything you need to do with your files can be done through this file system, for example, you can edit, upload, copy, compress, extract and remove files. So it’s pretty much a matter of preference, but there are advantages and disadvantages in certain situations, which you can see in the table below.


What is FTP?

FTP stands for, File Transfer Protocol.  FTP is a way for two or more computers located on the same network to share files with each other through a standard protocol.  A protocol defines the rules that computers on the same network use to talk with each other.  And FTP is how computers on networks, like the internet, communicate and share files with one another.

FTP is an external application that works similar to File Manager but the program must be downloaded. FileZilla and WinSCP are two examples of graphical FTP’s that are available for free.


What is the difference between File Manager and FTP?

Both File Manager and FTP have similar functionality in their ability to transfer files from one location to another.  See what separates FTP from File Manager in the table below.


File Manager FTP
  • Do not have to use an external client to transfer files
  • Can easily edit names of files
  • Organize the directory quickly
  • Transfers files over HTTP
  • Once your browser closes file transfer is disconnected
  • Transfers files at a slower rate than FTP
  • Transfers only one file at a time
  • Uses an external program to run, i.e., Filezilla WinSCP Transfers files over FTP
  • Files continue to transfer in the background
  • Transfers files at a faster speed
  • Able to transfer a whole folder at once

How do I upload a file to a website?

To upload a file to a website using cPanel:

  1. Login to cPanel and open File Manager under the Files section

Shows where to find File Manger in cPanel

  1. Find and click on the folder you want to upload to
  2. Click on the Upload icon in the top toolbar

Shows where to upload files in File Manager in cPanel

  1. Click the Select File box or drag and drop your files in the box

Shows where to choose the file you want to upload into File Manager in cPanel

  1. If you click Select File then locate the files on your computer that you want to upload

Shows window for uploading files into File Manager for cPanel

  1. Once you drag your files into the box or select them by double-clicking it will automatically begin the upload
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