Creating an FTP Account in cPanel

How do I Create an FTP Account?

It’s easy to create FTP accounts in your cPanel.

  1. Go to the cPanel home page
  2. Go to FTP Accounts in the Files  section


Showing the FTP Accounts icon in cPanel

  1. Under Add FTP Account, input a username for the new login
  2. Select the site you want to create the account for
  3. Input a password in both text boxes
    1. Use the Generate password button for a strong one to be created automatically for you
  4. Choose the directory this account can connect to (leaving this blank will enable access to the root folder and every directory on the site)
  5. If you want to limit the amount of data that can be transferred, input that into the quota box
  6. Click Create Account


Showing the Add FTP Account form in cPanel


It should now appear at the bottom under FTP Accounts section.


Showing the location of a newly added FTP Account


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