Finding and Changing Your Cloud VPS Server Password

Whether you need to SSH into a Linux server or log in to Windows, accessing your most critical server functions often requires your server password. This password belongs to the user Administrator on Windows servers and the user called root in Linux systems.

This guide starts from the Client Area and shows you how to access Cloud Control, the management area for Cloud and Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Accessing your server for the first time means you might wish to customize the password to one of your choosing for ease of use as well as security. This is intended to be a simple guide for showing you how to see the password for your server, as well as how to change it.


Change Cloud VPS Password

Step One: From your Client Area, select Cloud Control from your top menu. From this drop-down menu you should see Cloud Portal, which allows you access to manage your VPS and Cloud instances.


Select Cloud Portal from your Client Area


Step Two: You should now be at your server’s management page in Cloud Control. There are many powerful features from this page, including the ability to reinstall your given operating system as well as shut down and reboot options. Select View Password to reveal your password on the left side of the screen.


Select View Password from the Server Management page


Step Three: Your password should now be in view. The option View Password should now show Hide Password. Selecting this will conceal your password, again. If you are changing your password, choosing a secure master password for your system is a crucial point of security for ensuring only you have access to your data. For this password and others, it is recommended to use letters, numbers, capitalized letters, and unique phrases. If this password is easy to guess, your entire system could be compromised as this user would have full access to your system.


You should be able to see your password, selecting Hide Password will conceal it.


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