How To Rebuild Your Windows Cloud Server

Sometimes circumstances arise leading to the need for a fresh clean start on your server instance. The guide below will show you how to rebuild your Windows server. This guide can also be used if you decide you’d like to switch from one version Windows Server to another.  

How To Reinstall The Operating System On Your Cloud VPS

By following this guide you’ll be completely erasing everything on your VPS.  Before proceeding any further, please be certain that you have snapshot backup of any data you might need and that it’s securely stored somewhere!

Step One: Login to your client area, and navigate through to the Cloud Portal

The Cloud Portal link in the Client Area


Step Two: On the resulting page, click through the Servers Drop down menu to the Instances tab to manage your existing server instances:

Instance Location Image


Step Three: Select the VPS you’d like to rebuild by clicking on Actions -> Advanced

Cloud Control VPS Advanced Menu Location Within The Servers Instances List


Step Four: Click on the blue Actions drop down menu, and then choose Reinstall

actions reinstall button in cloud portal


Step Five: From here, you will just choose the OS you wish to reinstall with. With Windows Server, you can change the drop down to the specific version of Windows Server that you would like to use.

reinstall windows server 2016 2012 2008

Step Six: It will start wiping the virtual hard drive and installing the default Windows image you chose above. This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to rebuild. The cloud portal will keep you updated as it goes through the Reinstallation process.

Step Seven: Once the process has finished, you will be resent an email that will contain the login credentials to access the server via RDP.

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