Restore Database Using PHPMyAdmin

This guide is about restoring your databases from a backup. This guide is intended for clients who wish to restore their database using PHPMyAdmin.

If you want to do this, you’ll need to have access to cPanel such as with Ch-center Shared Hosting and Business Hosting, Cloud, VPS or a Dedicated Server and be using cPanel. Having a good backup to restore from is crucial in case it is ever needed. 

How To Do Restore a Database Using PHPMyAdmin

  1. Login into your cPanel account 
  2. Navigate to the Databases section and click on PHPMyAdmin
    cPanel PHPMyAdmin
  3. Click on the plus sign next to the database name 
    phpmyadmin plus sign


  4. Click on the import tab in the top row 
    import database from .sql file


  5. Click on the Choose File button to locate the backup file from your computer 
    choose .sql file from your computer


  6. Click on the Go button 
    phpmyadmin go button


  7. Confirm that this was successful by reviewing the success message 
    import database success


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