PHPMyAdmin Overview

What is PHPMyAdmin?


The administration of a MySQL database throughout the internet is managed by a tool written in PHP called PHPMyAdmin.  The database itself is first setup in cPanel but PHPMyAdmin manages its functions.  For example, PHPMyAdmin can create and alter databases. You can use it to add, edit, delete fields, drop entire databases, run SQL statements or even transmit information into different formats and administer keys. Basically, any table command you would run from shell at the mysql prompt can be accomplished here in this graphical user interface. 


How Do I Access PHPMyAdmin?


To find PHPMyAdmin on your cPanel, log in and go to Home > Databases > PHPMyAdmin.


Showing where the phpMyAdmin icon is located in cPanel


What Does PHPMyAdmin do?


After you create a database you’ll be able to use the functionality of PHPMyAdmin.  Here are the basic functions of the application,


  • Browse Databases
  • View MySQL Processes
  • Searches and SQL Queries
  • Database Functions
  • Manipulating Tables
  • Manipulating Columns


Showing phpMyAdmin in cPanel


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