MySQL Databases and Users Overview

Around the web, sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more use the world’s most popular open source database MySQL to help them run.  MySQL is a database management system that allows a database filled with all kinds of data to add, access and process that data. Databases make it easy to store all kinds of information and data sets from video galleries to corporate files in tables.

In cPanel you’re given tools to administer a variety of functions with MySQL databases via the Databases section.  You’re capable of creating, modifying and deleting databases, adding new users and attaching them to the databases.



Through the MySQL Databases section you can search for a website’s database, or create an entirely new one.


Showing the Create New Database and Current Databases forms


You can also add new or existing users to a database and list current users.


Showing the Add New User and Current Users forms for databases in cPanel


Once you have created a database or modified an existing one, you need to adjust the config file to match the settings for the database.  Below is an example of adjusting the wp_config.php file for WordPress.

  • Once you create a wordpress website find the wp_config.php file
  • Wp_config.php allows you to attach to the database
  • Dbaddress: Add IP address of database server, usually localhost
  • Dbname: Add name of database
  • Dbusername: User authorized to access this database
  • Dbpassword: Password for the user
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