Cloudflare Setting Recommendations

What Are The Recommended Settings Provided By Cloudflare?

Here are the settings that you should take advantage of from Cloudflare. They are broken down into Essential and Optional.



  • Whitelist Cloudflare’s IP addresses
  • Check your Performance settings
  • Check your Security settings
  • Choose one of the SSL modes


Optional Steps

  • Maintain your visitors’ IP information
  • Allow access to your website for the IPs of the services you use
  • Customize the Error Pages (in paid plan)
  • Build a Page Rule for running your website (Must-have for WordPress users!)
  • Troubleshoot common issues


What Are Cloudflare Additional Settings?

This is a pro service provided by Cloudflare that allows you to:

  • Set security level
  • Configure Challenge Passage
  • Browser Integrity Checks
  • Select “I’m under attack mode”
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