Generating a CSR Request (and What it is)

Now that you’ve purchased an SSL through Ch-center, you’ll receive an email with the link to configure your SSL.  The link will send you to a form, and after a few steps, requests that you generate a CSR.  This will be the next major step you need to take towards setting up SSL for your site.

How Do I Create My SSL?

Step 1:  Click on the link in your SSL purchase email (this email is sent to the registered email associated with your Ch-center account.

Step 2:  Choose your Web Server Type from the drop-down menu

Most common types are cPanel and Microsoft IIS 5.x

Step 3:  Start your CSR Request

What Is A CSR?

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is an encoded chunk of text generated during your SSL application.  To complete your SSL you must copy the Encoded CSR provided during the application process and send it to the Certificate Authority.  The CSR is used by certificate authorities (CA’s) to generate your SSL.

Generating A CSR Request

Enter your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from the drop-down menu

Step 1:  Login in to cPanel

Step 2:  Home > Security > SSL/TLS

ssl tls security cpanel

Step 3:  Generate a Certificate Signing Request

Step 4:  Pick generate a new, 2,048 bit key from the dropdown

Step 5:  Enter your domain

Always include your domain name with or without www. to make sure it is correct

Step 6:  Fill in City, State and Country text boxes

This must match your WHOIS information

Step 7:  Enter Company name text box

This also must match your WHOIS information

Step 8:  Enter Company Division textbox

This will need to match the “Job Title” on Configure SSL Certificate form on your Ch-center form

Step 9:  Enter email in text box

This will be used to verify you as the owner of the domain and should be a valid email address

Step 10:  Enter a Passphrase

Step 11:  Enter a Description

Step 12:  Click the Generate button

This will generate your CSR for you and provide a massive link you’ll need to copy and paste back in the previous form.

Complete The SSL Creation Process

Step 1:  Copy the Encoded CSR text

Step 2:  Place CSR text into the text box on the Configure SSL certificate page in server information

Step 3:  Fill in the same information you used to generate the CSR in the Administrative Contact Information section

Step 4:  Push the Click to Continue

Step 5:  Review information

Step 6:  Pick the email that the certificate approval will be sent to

Step 7:  Push the Click to Continue email

Once you finish this process you’ll need to wait until you receive the approver email.  The approver email will provide you with a link that you need to click on and say whether you APPROVE or DO NOT APPROVE the certificate.  APPROVE the certificate by hitting the proper button and your SSL will be sent to your email.

In some cases, you may need to manually provide the SSL after further review of your account.

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